Stamps for Missions *UPDATE

We recently received news that Sister Miriam Ann Walter of the Sister of Charity has retired from her Nazareth Stamp Ministry and as such, they are no longer accepting donations of stamps.

But, no worries...Maria was able to find another outlet for our stamp ministry! Yah Mariall! That's's called, "Stamps for the Wounded" serving Veterans since 1942.

Founded in New York in response to an appeal from local Armed Services Hospitals and extending nationwide in 1944 with the aid of the country's leading stamp societies, this organization is made up of all volunteers with no expensive office operations supporting the program. Their primary mission is to stamp CANCELLED across the face of the deadliest foe that hospitalized personnel must fight ENFORCED IDLENESS and its deadly allies: boredom, loneliness, frustration, futility, and despair. How, you ask, by providing the stamps, envelopes, and other philatelic materials collected to start and support stamp collections as hobby that provides activities and challenges that develop enthusiasm and, in some cases, even reason to live. Stamps are also used for art projects, such as decoupaging, 'painting' using bits of stamps, and other crafts.

How can you help? Simple, just save your stamps! We will do the rest! We accept all types: from collections, cancelled, foreign, commemorative, etc. box labeled "Stamps for Missions" has been placed in the main entrance to the church for your convenience.

Need more information? Please call/text Angela at 732-221-0977 or Maria at 908-227- 4053.