The Power of Your Prayers

05-19-2024The Pastor's PenRev. Matthew R. Paratore, S.T.L., J.C.L.,Pastor

Dear Friend,

Paul and the Philippians remembered and supported one another in prayer.

A joyful, loving, and caring Catholic Community is one which keeps each other in prayer.

Oftentimes, we fail to be a joyful, loving, caring Catholic Community because we fail to remember and support each other in prayer.

There are many missed opportunities because we are not listening to God with an open mind and heart in prayer.

A Catholic Community without prayer is not possible. It’s like trying to cook a good meal without the necessary equipment, or fix a car without the necessary tools and repairs it is not possible.

Prayer not only gives us the necessary resources to be the community God wants us to be and accomplish the tasks God wants us to do; prayer also changes our impossible situations into possible ones.

More importantly, however, prayer changes us.

Prayer works on our negative, doubting, critical, apathetic sinful attitudes and behaviors.

It transforms such harmful attitudes and behaviors into a joyful, loving, caring Christian community.

So as Paul would say, never underestimate the power of your prayers ~ God works miracles through them.

Pray always and never lose heart.