COVID-19 Mailing - June 2nd

06-02-2020Coronavirus Updates

Dear parishioner of OLP in Fords,

As you may know Bishop Checchio has informed us that public in-church Masses may resume on the weekend of 13-14 June 2020.

OLP will resume the Mass Schedule which was suspended in the middle of March. At this time, OLP Masses are 5:15 PM Saturday, 8:00, 10:00 AM and Noon on Sunday. You are asked to follow the signage on each pew and take a place six feet from others. Families who live in the same household may sit together. Facemasks are to be worn at all times except when lifted briefly for the reception of Holy Communion.


COVID-19 Mailing - June 2020

05-24-2020Coronavirus UpdatesFr. Matthew

Dear Parishioner and Friend of Our Lady of Peace in Fords,

Each beat of the human heart keeps us alive, pumping blood through our bodies, powering our organs. Without it, we simply could not do anything. That is the physical heart. There is also the symbolic heart, the one that is connected to the idea of love. This heart is the center of our moral and emotional being. It guides us through our days, our relationships, our lives. But what of the Sacred Heart? The Feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated on June 19, and is dedicated to the memory of Christ’s compassion, love, and suffering.


COVID-19 Mailing - Mother's Day

05-10-2020Coronavirus UpdatesFr. Matthew

Dear Family of Our Lady of Peace in Fords New Jersey,

You continue to be remembered in my Masses and prayers as we enter the month of May.  It is in May that we celebrate the Mother of Jesus, as well as bringing to mind our own mother.

For those whose mothers and grandmothers are still alive - cherish them today. Honor them. Thank them.

For those whose mothers have gone home to the Lord, remember them.


COVID-19 Mailing - April 2020

04-05-2020Coronavirus UpdatesFr. Matthew

Dear Friend and Parishioner of OLP in Fords,

This is Holy Week; these are profound and solemn days that call to mind the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus.

First and foremost, we need to continue and remind ourselves to pray, earnestly, and for one 
another. These are certainly difficult and polarizing times for us, individually and as a society.
 But remember, prayer is our one-on-one time with the Lord. In our prayer, we need to remind
 ourselves that Jesus Christ is with us and wants to be with us; remember all the blessings in our
 life! Then, we need to read this week's Scriptures. Finally, we need to reflect on what we read. Listen to what God wants to say to us. Perhaps, especially now in a time of anxiety.


COVID-19 Mailing - March 2020

03-15-2020Coronavirus UpdatesFr. Matthew

Dear Members and Friends of Our lady of Peace parish in Fords, New Jersey,

As a parish community, we are mindful that this is a stressful and anxious time for all, as the COVID-19 health crisis is causing so many disruptions and hardships to our daily lives, forcing many of us to stay home from work and school, practicing social distancing and self-quarantining and for some, perhaps threatening one's employment security.

As your pastor, I want our parishioners and the community we serve to remain connected to each other and to the Good Lord.