Stop Grappling With Life

09-10-2023The Pastor's PenFr. Matthew

Jesus calls us to be people who live in present-tense. An average person’s anxiety is focused on:

40% -- things that will never happen

30% -- things about the past that can’t be changed

12% -- things about criticism by others, mostly untrue

10% -- about health, which gets worse with stress

8% -- about real problems that will be faced

Stop trying to grapple with the what "ifs" and let God take care of it. You simply make that long term investment in God’s kingdom day by day.

While touring Italy, a man visited a cathedral that had been completed on the outside only. Once inside, the traveler found an artist kneeling before an enormous wall upon which he had just begun to create a mosaic. On some tables nearby were thousands of pieces of colored ceramic.

Curious, the visitor asked the artist how he would ever finish such a large project. The artist answered that he knew how much he could accomplish in one day.Each morning, he marked off an area to be completed that day and did not worry about what remained outside that space. That was the best he could do; and if he faithfully did his best, one day the mosaic would be finished.

The artist knew how to pray always and never lose heart.

Father Matthew