07-16-2023The Pastor's PenFr. Matthew

Dear Friend,

Healing takes time, patience and determination to persevere through the long process of healing. It’s not easy, but it is the reality of the healing process. A good friend recently told me his own experience with the healing process of his right knee. About two years ago he had a total right knee replacement. When his knee started acting up and hindering his walking he wanted his knee to be better right now -not tomorrow. He wanted a microwave healing. He wanted immediate results from his first surgery. He wanted it fixed now, because he had things to do and he was tired of waiting for it to heal! He did not want to have to walk with crutches for six weeks.

He wanted to be able to drive and transport himself around without relying on his family. He did not want to be dependent on others. He did not want to have to ask people to get things for him. He did not want to have to wait for others to do things for him. He did not want people to have to get his food and his coffee because he could not carry it. He had come to believe he was always in control of everything, and even, everyone around him. But it did not work that way. God had a plan to teach him some spiritual life lessons through this process. You see, he was very independent and he felt that he should always be able to take care of himself. He prided myself on being independent and not in need of anyone else’s help.

But he learned through this experience that God wanted him to become interdependent on others and not independent. In the midst of all of his frustration and "hard-headedness" he also learned he could not buy good health, the Church or God. Being independent does not make God proud of us! What God wants is the willingness for us to care for one another and to be dependent on one another. God is not pleased with independent self-centered spirits! God wants us to be united. An interdependent person depends first on God, and then prays always and does not lose heart.

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