Leaving a Bequest to our Parish

For many people, thinking about their will can make them feel uncomfortable, but a Will is an opportunity to leave a legacy and make a difference.

Your will enables you to provide for your family, friends, loved ones and any cause you support. Your will can ensure the future financial well being of your family and other people you wish to benefit.

Our Lady of Peace has many different missions within the community which include assisting the frail, elderly, sick or who are just in need of help. Our Parish supports our Religious Education Programs, our ministries, our families, the marginalized and the poor. There are many people who are assisted by our Parish who would not otherwise receive any help.

You can help Our Lady of Peace in Fords with a bequest in your will. A bequest to our Parish can create lasting change in people's lives.

Remembering our Parish in your will assists the Church to continue to make positive changes to people's lives every day. You can help make a difference.