Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: An Ordinary Christian by Maria DiLorenzo

07-01-2021Recommended Reading

Athletic, handsome, and always good for a laugh, Pier Giorgio Frassati was the charismatic leader of a band of rowdy friends. He smoked, pulled pranks, relished extreme sports, fiercely debated politics into the night....and secretly gave away his wealth to help the poor: a mother unexpectedly widowed, a homeless invalid, a boy without warm clothes....and plunged eagerly into intense experiences of Eucharistic prayer.


The Other Side Of Chaos: Breaking Through When Life Is Breaking Down by Silf Margaret

06-01-2021Recommended Reading

From satisfying work to sudden unemployment. From a happy marriage to a hurtful divorce. From caring for the kids to caring for an aging parent. These are just a few of the countless ways that life hurls us into the chaos of change, where our certainties are shaken and our faith may even begin to falter. But what if we saw the chaos-the "mess"-of our lives not as something to fear or eschew, but as something to embrace?


Why the Rosary Why Now? by Gretchen R Crowe (Editor)

05-01-2021Recommended Reading

Without a doubt, one of the most familiar and beloved prayers within the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church is the Rosary. But do Catholics today have a clear comprehension of the benefits of this centuries - old devotion? Using the eloquent and inspiring writings of holy men and women who share a love of, and commitment to, the Marian prayer, Editor Gretchen R. Crowe makes a compelling case for why praying the Rosary is more critical in today's 21st - century world than ever before.

Why the Rosary, Why Now? is an accessible and inspiring compilation of texts woven together with personal anecdotes that outline persuasive reasons why the Rosary should be an essential part of every Catholic's life. Why the Rosary, Why Now? is not a typical how to book about the Rosary. This is the why to book that will inspire you to reach for your Rosary more often, and in doing so to receive the gifts it offers to each of us and the world.

Padre Pio Glimpse Into Miraculous by Cataneo Pascal

04-01-2021Recommended Reading

Glimpse into the life and miracles of Padre Pio in this collection of inspiring, astonishing, and humorous anecdotes.

This collection of inspiring, astonishing, and humorous anecdotes offers a glimpse into the life and miracles of Padre Pio. These personal accounts reveal how he inspired countless conversions through his gifts of bilocation, visions, healing powers, and multilingualism.

Pascal Cataneo, a fellow priest and contemporary of Padre Pio, readers are given a unique window into this Capuchin friar's humility, directness, and humor. By connecting the ordinary with the supernatural, it is shown that the miraculous is possible in this world.

30 Days With Married Saints A Catholic Couples' Devotional by Lasnoski & Lasnoski

03-01-2021Recommended Reading

The married saints lived lives of sanctity amid family life's inevitable adventures, risks, sorrows, and joys. From Mary and Joseph to Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi (the first couple to be beatified together), 30 Days with the Married Saints will help you to pray with a variety of holy married men and women of the Church. These married couples did not live picture-perfect lives. They all faced the weariness and trying times that come with every marriage.


The Seven Last Words by Bishop Fulton Sheen

02-01-2021Recommended Reading

The Seven Last Words by Bishop Fulton Sheen, was written eighty years ago. Few books can match it for either retreat or Lenten spiritual reading. Christ's statements on Calvary, as recorded in the Gospels, are reflected upon and prayed over. This is a work of devotion meant to stimulate one another ever more heroically. The truly cosmic implications of the shattering events of Calvary are brought to the fore in these stirring reflections.

Brilliant: 25 Catholic Scientists, Mathematicians, and Supersmart People by Warren David

01-01-2021Recommended Reading

Think faith and science don’t go together? Think again! It’s important to teach children at a young age that faith and science are complementary! Too many people today—adults and children—think that faith and science don’t go together. In fact, many people who leave the Catholic Church report that they don’t believe faith is compatible with science. Sadly, one study found that the median age of people who leave the Church is surprisingly young: thirteen.


Joyous Expectation Journeying Through Advent With Mary by Frisk M. Jean

12-01-2020Recommended Reading

As we get ready again for the coming of the King, who better to have by our side than Mary, His mother? In this spiritual resource, you can prepare for Christmas by journeying with Mary to Bethlehem. Drawing on the liturgy, these warm and inspirational reflections help readers celebrate the Advent and Christmas seasons with faith and prayer. Also included are special materials for feast days, information related to Christmas and Advent customs, notes on the saints of Advent, and project boxes with additional material for celebrating the season.

Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body by Scott Hahn with Emily Stimpson Chapman

10-28-2020Recommended Reading

As Catholics, we believe in the resurrection of the body. We profess it in our creed. We're taught that to bury and pray for the dead are corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We honor the dead in our Liturgy through the Rite of Christian burial. We do all of this, and more, because when Jesus Christ took on flesh for the salvation of our souls he also bestowed great dignity on our bodies. In Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body, Scott Hahn explores the significance of death and burial from a Catholic perspective. The promise of the bodily resurrection brings into focus the need for the dignified care of our bodies at the hour of death. Unpacking both Scripture and Catholic teaching, Hope to Die reminds us that we are destined for glorification on the last day. Our bodies have been made by a God who loves us. Even in death, those bodies point to the mystery of our salvation.

Mary in Different Traditions: Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes by Thomas G Casey, SJ

10-04-2020Recommended Reading

Mary in Different Traditions: Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes by Thomas G Casey, SJ

How can we learn to see Mary in a new way?The author explores the insights of other faiths Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Islam, and Judaism; and also the insights of the other within the Catholic tradition the Eastern-rite Catholics who, despite their full communion with Rome, have a distinct approach to Mary based on their unique liturgical and spiritual tradition. Perhaps the novelty of their viewpoints on Mary can bring us to the joy of surprise about her once again. If we can learn to wonder anew about this woman from Nazareth, maybe we’ll be brought to enjoy the even greater wonder of her son, Jesus.

About the Author

Thomas Casey, SJ is an Irish Jesuit priest, A professor of philosophy for 10 years ion Rome, he has also been a guest professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has extensive experience in the area of interreligious dialogue.