To enable us to better serve you, all parishioners should register at the Rectory Office.  If you are a new parishioner, or a current parishioner who has moved or changed phone numbers, please contact the Rectory Office.
Family members 23 years or older should register separately as individuals even if continuing to live with their parents.  
You must be a registered parishioner to be a Confirmation Sponsor
 or a Godparent.
New residents of the community are most welcome to register as parishioners.  We invite you to register at the rectory.  We also ask that any changes of address, email or telephone be submitted to the parish office promply.
Nuevos residentes de la comunidad son bienvenidos a registrarse como feligreses.  Nosotros les invitamos a registrarse en la rectoría.  También les pedimos que cualquier cambio de dirección, correo electrónico o número de teléfono sea sometido a la officina de la parroquia con prontitud.