Recommended Reading

Mary in Different Traditions: Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes by Thomas G Casey, SJ

How can we learn to see Mary in a new way?The author explores the insights of otherfaiths Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Islam, and Judaism; and alsothe insights of the other within the Catholic tradition theEastern-rite Catholics who, despite their full communion withRome, have a distinct approach to Mary based on theirunique liturgical and spiritual tradition. Perhaps the noveltyof their viewpoints on Mary can bring us to the joy of surpriseabout her once again. If we can learn to wonder anew aboutthis woman from Nazareth, maybe we’ll be brought to enjoythe even greater wonder of her son, Jesus.

About the Author

Thomas Casey, SJ is an Irish Jesuit priest, A professor ofphilosophy for 10 years ion Rome, he has also been a guestprofessor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He hasextensive experience in the area of interreligious dialogue.