Cultivate a Little Faith

07-19-2020Gospel Meditation

Grace and sin, belief and unbelief, good and evil all exist together. While we wrestle with these two dimensions of reality inwardly, they are also witnessed in the actions and words of others. Many, all too often, beat themselves up because of their sin. We are also all to quick to pass judgement on others whom we perceive to be in error and walking down a wrong path. God does not make rash judgements, nor should we. Patience is the order of the day as is an understanding that God is ultimately the call of the shots.

Our faith tells us that while God allows the wheat and the weeds to coexist, the wheat will always triumph. As long as we can cultivate even a little faith and a small measure of desire for God, He can produce abundant blessings and good things. Even when the weeds seem to have triumphed, there still may be a small measure of faith remaining that can be cultivated and grown. It doesn't take much! Unless a person totally allows the weeks to reign, there is always to be found at least a small measure of faith, good, light and love. With even this small portion, God can produce abundant love.

Admittedly, it is easy to give into the weeds, and they grow very quickly. Any gardener knows this to be true. Sometimes, the weeds even seem more attractive and vibrant. Dealing with weeds can quickly become a losing battle, and they can look healthier and grow faster than the very plants we are trying to protect. It’s easy to give into them and let them win. While God will deal with all things in due time, we are responsible for keeping things in check in the short term. It is our task to keep our eyes fixed on God’s presence and mercy. We are asked to avoid judgment. And, it is not our responsibility to deal with the weeds in someone else’s garden, only our own. One garden is enough responsibility for anyone.

Weeds have power. We have to realize this. While they can appear attractive and healthy, they can quickly choke us off from God’s presence. Our task is one of maintenance and cultivating a desire for God. Even the smallest kernel of faith can grow into something wonderful. In God's time, the eternal harvest will come, and we will no longer have to worry about the weeds.